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Nothing else to do on a Sunday evening?
Why not come to CHUMS? CHUMS is a ukulele band 
that has been set up so that people can have a laugh,
have a beer, learn an instrument and generally have
a great time. You don’t need to be able to read 
music, or to have played an instrument before, you 
just need to be prepared to join in and have fun!!

No previous ukeing experience needed! If you want
 to try out the ukulele, you can borrow a spare one
 to start off with.  You can get a uke for around 
£20: we recommend Mahalo beginner ukes, which
 come in lots of lovely colours from Amazon!

Sunday 23rd January 5.30pm

In the Royal Oak

Next CHUMS Session:
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Click on the photo to see more pics and video footage of the gig!

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See you again soon!

Have a look at us in action - better still, come and join us!

CHUMS and Delilah at last year’s Hotpot Supper

Click on the photo to see all!

This is where we rehearse every other Sunday evening. It’s a great country pub run by Dawn and her team. It sells Westerham Ale and a selection of good wines.  Come down and have a sing even if you don’t want to play!


How hip and trendy are we?!?

Do join the group to keep up with all info!


The pub is shut for a January holiday, so our next session is 23rd Jan.   Please do a lateral flow test before coming.

The proposed wassailing event on 15th January has now been postponed to 2023.

To find us go to the Contact Us Page.

See you in there!

The Hotpot Supper
The Village Fete
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